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There are subjects in the art that never ever exhausted. Irises was a ever best Van Gogh´s and Monet´s subjects and of many, many other artists too. If you love this picture in the photos, be sure of the natural look it is much better. Perfect gift for any occasion. Suitable for living, bedroom or office.



Irises on the pond

PrecioDesde 15,00£
Impuesto incluido |
  • Dear Customer, If you change your opinion about the painting we accept return within 14 days since 1st day of delivery.

  • Original. Oil on stretched 100% cotton canvas;

    - Size: 30 x 40 cm (12"x16");
    - Subject: Flower bouquet still life;
    - Colours - Red, Green, Purple;
    - Varnished to protect from Dust and UV rays 2 layers;
    - Signed and dated on the back. Certificate of Authenticity.

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