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Monet painted his "Magpie" in the open air, which translates as "in the open air", outside, in natural light. He wrote what he saw: snow playing in the sun with all colors and blue shadows. The blue color of his shadows on the snow has caused a lot of controversies. Thanks to this blue color, there is a sharp reality in this image. But in the 1860s, all shadows in artwork were black. In fact, the Paris Salon believed that this was a kind of rule. They rejected this realistic winter landscape. The eminent Salon gave only one reason - the shadows "should" be black. Monet's are pale blue. It was for them. Fortunately for us, Monet knew better than to hide the Magpie because of this unreasonable refusal.  Contact for a commission of a hand-made reproduction within 3-4 weeks. Friendly service, personalization, framing, etc.


Magpie by Claude Monet

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  • Dear Customer,
    This painting you are going to order will be done on commission. Please, check time frame creating work and other details: Oil painting (small & medium) size will be finished within 4-6 weeks (painting process, drying, varnishing). Despite the art process is quite spontaneous, I promise to create your art work in same style, size, color, etc. as much as close to the presented original. Once the painting is complete, I will send you photos for your approval. Once approved, it’ll be shipped to your home directly from my art shop. If you need a bigger size of any other requirements, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please, check the section PRODUCT INFO below. Thank you for the purchase!


    This is genuine oil painting which I made with all my best to illuminate your home and make it place to relax. I appreciate your review which will help me for more inspiration and care more my service.

    SIZE: 50 X 70 cm / 20" x 28"

    MATERIALS: Oil, Canvas, Varnish. Original painting, 100% hand- painted, and coming directly from the art studio.
    MEDIUM: Professional oil paints (mostly Rembrandt & Van Gogh) on hand- stretched linen canvas, which I do by myself. Finally, all artworks are coated with 2 layers of artistic varnish to protect from dust and UV rays damage.

    ARTIST: Olga Begisheva K.

    SIGNED: Yes.

    CERTIFICATE: Yes, you will have the certificate of authenticity on a back side of the painting.

    PACKAGING: Paintings on the canvas are shipped in a tube.

    Paintings on the canvas boards (small size) are shipped in the card box.
    SHIPPING: Worldwide shipping 5-10 business days.

    NOTE: The shipping method I normally use is the best one to avoid any damage during the transportation.

    GUARANTEE: 30 Days full money refund accepted.
    CUSTOM ORDERS (size, colour, etc.) accepted. Please, contact me by order message to communicate all your preferences.

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