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Why do we love peonies? First, because peonies are flowers of Spring. The peony inspires creative minds. As the floral symbol of China, the peony has inspired Chinese artists, poets, and writers for centuries. European artists such as Renoir and Van Gogh, among others, have also focused their paintbrushes on the exquisite and unique beauty of the peony. Enjoy this still life with peonies, just ready to hang on the wall! Suitable for any room of home. 

PEONIES 40 x 50cm

SKU: 0015
PrecioDesde 25,00£
Impuesto incluido |
  • Oil on canvas board. Original size 40 x 50 cm ( 16" x 20")  

    1. Artistic canvas board; 
    2. Best quality Rembrandt & Van Gogh oil paints; 
    3. Varnished 2 layers;

    Contact for questions, commissions, etc.
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  • "Beautiful painting ... very happy with this purchase!"

    miriamsueb 23 Mar, 2021

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