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☀️It's time for one of the most beautiful wonders of nature, the LOTUS flower, to bloom! In Eastern beliefs, he is a symbol of the universe. Meeting with him leaves no one indifferent! And it changes life for the better, because it is a flower of purity and purification. It is not for nothing that ancient Indian wisdom says about him: "A lotus flower is a ship on which a drowning person in the ocean of life can find salvation."


SKU: 062
Impuesto incluido |
  • Original painting. Oil on canvas.50 x 60 cm ( 20" x 24")

    Materials used for this artwork

    1. Stretched 100% cotton art canvas; 

    2. Best quality Rembrandt& Van Gogh oil paints; 

    3. Varnished 2 layers to protect from dust and UV rays;

    Dear, Customer! Varnishes are applied to keep paintings protected from all the dust, dirt, smoke, etc. in the atmosphere. The varnish provides a non-porous, protective layer that is removable for conservation purposes; it serves its aesthetic purpose whilst also providing protection.


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