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This painting is based on the paintings of the artist Jean-Baptiste Roby, a Belgian painter who specialized in still lifes with flowers and fruits in the best traditions of the Flemish style. In today's range of paintings, paintings in the old Flemish style occupy a special niche and decorate the interior with a high sense of style and fashion. I admire the high artistic skills of the Flemish painters and learn from their masterpieces to get on the top of this art.



Cupid's Goblet by Jean Baptiste Robie Williams

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Impuesto incluido |

    TITLE:  Cupid's Goblet by Jean Baptiste Robie Williams

    SIZE: Original Size 50 x 60 cm / 20" x 24"

    MATERIALS: Oil, Canvas, Varnish. Original painting, 100% hand- painted, and coming directly from the art studio.
    ARTIST: Olga Begisheva K.

    MEDIUM: Professional oil paints (mostly Rembrandt & Van Gogh) on hand- stretched linen canvas, which I do by myself. Finally, all artworks are coated with 2 layers of artistic varnish to protect from dust and UV rays damage.
    - SIGNED: Yes.

    - CERTIFICATE: Yes, you will have the certificate of authenticity on a back side of the painting.

    - PACKAGING: Paintings on the canvas are shipped in a tube.

    Paintings on the canvas boards (small size) are shipped in the card box.
    - SHIPPING: Worldwide shipping 3-10 days.

    NOTE: The shipping method I normally use is the best one to avoid any damage during the transportation.

    - GUARANTEE: 30 Days full money refund accepted.
    - CUSTOM ORDERS (size, colour, etc.) accepted. Please, contact me by order message to communicate all your preferences.


  • Jean-Baptiste Robie or Jean Robie was a Belgian painter who specialised in still lifes with flowers and fruit. He later painted seascapes, landscapes and Oriental scenes based on his travels in the Middle East, India and Ceylon.

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