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Abstract composition "Heart". The head of the Platonic Academy of Athens called the equilateral triangle "divine", the isosceles triangle "demonic", and the versatile one "human".This picture is "Heart". Authors work. It symbolizes a person's desire for the divine through love.

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The Heart

PrecioDesde 94,00£
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  • Dear friend! Once you have made your purchase, I will prepare this painting within 1-2 weeks, including painting, drying and varnishing. The new painting will be as close as possible to the original you purchased. I will send you a photo for approval before shipping. Once you approve the painting, we will ship it in a sturdy cardboard box. For any questions, don't hesitate to contact. I wish you a pleasant expectations!

    Original. Size 40 x 50 cm (15.7 " x 19.6")

    Materials used for this artwork

    1. Linen art canvas board; 

    2. Acrylic "Abstract" paints; 

    3. Varnished;

    Dear Customer! Varnishes are applied to keep paintings protected from all the dust, dirt, smoke etc.. in the atmosphere. The varnish provides a non-porous, protective layer that is removable for conservation purposes; it serves its aesthetic purpose whilst also providing protection.


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