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Un cuadro más romántico y sensual con una joven mirando al mar desde la ventana. La obra inspirada por los lienzos del artista español Vicente Redondo.

Láminas disponibles en varios tamaños o contacta para solicitar un cuadro original. Presupuesto en 1 hora.

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PrecioDesde 26,00£
Impuesto incluido |
  • 30 days money back guaranty

  • Dear friend! Once you have made your purchase, I will prepare this painting within 4-6 weeks, including painting, drying and varnishing. The new painting will be as close as possible to the original you purchased. I will send you a photo for approval before shipping. Once you approve the painting, we will ship it in a sturdy cardboard box. For any questions, don't hesitate to contact. I wish you a pleasant expectations!

    Details of the product:

    Original size 40 x 50 cm. Hand-made. Oil on canvas art board; Impressionist painting technique with the best quality Rembrandt, Newton & Winsor oil paints;  A great opportunity for framing. Choose between 2 samples

    • Gold. Size with frame 50 x 60 cm;

    • Gold-Silver-Black wide gallery luxury frame. Size 60 x 70 cm;

    • Varnished 2 layers for protection;

    • Certificate of authenticity;

    • 30 days money back guaranty

    Varnishes are applied to keep paintings protected from all the dust, dirt, smoke, etc. in the atmosphere. The varnish provides a non-porous, protective layer that is removable for conservation purposes; it serves its aesthetic purpose whilst also providing protection.

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